Friends for Health in Haiti
Mar 09, 2021 7:00 AM
Dr. Catherine E. Wolf & Susan Baumgartner
Friends for Health in Haiti

Improving Health.  Saving Lives.

Did you know that tippy taps save lives?

The Tippy Tap is a simple device for hand washing with running water. It's just a container filled with water that is tipped, without touching it, with a stick to provide running water. Water falls into a gravel bed bed below to avoid pooling, which prevents mosquitos.

Friends for Health in Haiti improves the health of the people of Haiti by sharing information on the benefits of using techniqes and strategies that are low or no cost and easily implemented and working with the community to implement.  They provide vaccines to community members and their livestock, and primary health care for community members.  They are building a spiritual center and hope to build a primary care medical facility.

Dr. Catherine E. Wolf, MD, MPH, is Founder and Executive Director of Friends for Health in Haiti, Inc located in rural Jérémie, Haiti.  Fox Cities Morning Rotary Club supports this organization through our fundraising efforts and members of Fox Cities Morning Rotary, including a dental group from the Fox Cities, have visited the Friends of Haiti site multiple times over the years.  Our members have been consistently impressed by the dedication to the community and the level of community participation and ownership in this organization's initiatives.